Valley Chat

One more place for conversations among Valley residents.

Why did I set this up? I’ve been frustrated trying to engage in online conversations on Facebook and Next-door because the algorithms on those platforms show us what the software thinks we want to se. Personally, I want to decide what I want to see.  Also, this sort of old school forum persists over time and conversations can be put back on the front burner when people want to talk.

Who am I?  Just a dad in the Valley who wants us all to connect and talk. 

Who else am I?  I am the moderator.  

What is the moderator’s purview? Rules. Follow the rules and I won’t have to moderate you.


Breaking rules may get you banned temporarily or permanently.

  • No personal attacks on anyone
  • No abusive language
  • No threats
  • Use the name you go by in daily life
  • No anonymous posts
  •  You must reside in Lagunitas, Forest Knolls, San Geronimo, Woodacre or Nicasio (honorary Vally folk)


Please follow the guidelines to keep this online community healthy and beneficial. Excessive violations may get you moderated.

  • Limit ‘commercial’ posts to one per week.  It’s fine to let folks know what you’re selling but don’t spam the forum.  
  • Keep event advertising to just every couple of days.
  • Show some respect for others even if you disagree with them.